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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sexy Northeast India model Cyndy Khojol Pictures, Photos, Sexy images

The following are the pictures of Cindy Khojol, a popular model based in Mumbai, India.

Photo of Cyndy Khojol, other names - Cindy, Cindi, Khawzawl, Cindy Khawjol, etc.

Sexy Cyndy Khojol at lelte magazine.

Cyndy Khojol at Facebook :

Cyndy Khojol | Facebook

The above pictures are Cindy Khojol, a popular model based in Mumbai, India.

Cyndy will appear in 'Days of Love and Loss' movie (in production 2008) very soon.

Cyndy is a Hmar-Mizo girl born and brought up in Assam cities like Jorhat and Guwahati (Gauhati). Currently she is based in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. She is not from Mizoram state. Her Mizo parents are from Manipur. And she's Indian. :)

Cyndy Khojol ti kha ka hming ziek dan reng anih.

Source: Mumbai Hmar SMS Gupsup


  1. shes done nose job....thats the only wat to get rid of mizo pug

  2. i kno her she studied in r school St Agnes High Schoo.....kno lotza things bout her........she is frm Soron a small hamlet in beautiful NCHills.............Great

  3. Chhel lo khop my..ka duh che eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. A nausen lai thlalak ka hmu chak...kawr a ha lo mai thei si a...oooppp!!!

  5. Shes sexy. .Hawwt hmar beauty

  6. will she have a 3sum wit me and my boyfriend?

    - horny in mizo

  7. Chhelo ve pagai khuppp my..biang ah chukzz

  8. sexy...wana masturbate lookin her

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Va nalh reuh ve a, Mizo ve reuh ltk

  11. very pretty n bold..superlike!

  12. Indian gitls r sooo cuteeeee. They dont know but actually every indian guy digs mizoram chicks & want to marry me.:-)

  13. i want to be dog for her
    i like to do all work for her
    from bathroom to all
    in free off cost