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Monday, September 8, 2008 official website - Mizo celebs & music news

The official website of Lelte Weekly Entertainment Magazine from Aizawl City, the capital of Mizoram is owned by its Editor Shri C. Dinthanga of Sharon Veng. The official website url is

It was first launched using domain but when they forgot to renew the domain someone registered newly and they could never get back the same domain. Later on, was registered and so far it is doing good.

The Editor is the most prolific writer and promoter of music and entertainment news in the state. He is gifted with the art of writing in Mizo. Lelte Penpals, Love advice, Music news, Zawlwood news, etc were an integral part of the magazine. With the coming of SMS, Lelte SMS is one of the most read SMS around.

Lelte has truly impacted and even have changed and influenced the music and entertainment scene in Mizoram. It will continue to do the same.

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